This season’s interviews with brands, athletes, industry experts & more!

At Winter Insight, my task is to interview a number of important people within the winter sports industry. I ask questions about the industry, their personal & professional views along with some fun inside information.

These interviews will give insights into the daily lives & goals of athletes, inside industry information from leading professionals, & general discussions with well-respected industry veterans.

My goal & that of Winter Insight, is to bring both trade, consumer & media together in the pursuit of promoting winter sports.

Winter Insight will do exactly that, as a dedicated digital publication that gives our readers an insight to winter sports across all aspects of the industry.

In some of my first interviews, we have met:

·      Phil Gordon – Snow & Rock buyer & founder of ‘Legends of the Brand’ podcasts.

Watch here!

·      Cara Brown – British Ski Champion, Ski Coach, and Fitness Trainer.

Watch here!

·      Jake Richardson – Ex Atomic Race Team & Eurosport commentator.

Watch here!

·      Scott Dobson – UK Sales Agent & Brand manager for Dynastar Skis & Lange Ski Boots.

Watch here!

·      Toby Hill – UK Sales Manager, Superfeet.

 Watch here!

·      Tord Nilson – Ex marketing manager for Salomon/Atomic, SIGB Board member & owner of Iconic agencies. 

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·      Andrew Musgrave – British Cross Country Skier

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Coming up:

·      Georgina Cohen – Skelton Athlete

·      Matt Humphreys – General Manager of Winter Sport Head UK

·      Chris Best – Rossignol UK Brand Manager      

·      Izzy Atkin – British-American freestyle skier

Plus, many, many more.

Don’t worry, we will make sure you know what is coming.

We have also introduced a feature called ‘Chatting Shop’, where we chat directly with store owners or key people in the Winter Sports community to discuss the industry with the industry and beyond!

We aim to get the industry and the Winter Sports community talking to each other across all areas of Winter Sports retailers, consumers, brands – in fact all and everyone.