Helly Hansen To Become the Norwegian Ski Association Alpine National Team’s New Clothing Supplier

Starting in the 2022/2023 Season

The Norwegian Ski Association Alpine and Helly Hansen have entered into an agreement that will begin in 2022 and last for eight years. Helly Hansen will be the Alpine National Teams’ Official Partner, supplying clothing and other equipment. With more than 140 years of knowledge and experience, Helly Hansen is a leader in technical ski clothing. The brand is trusted by professionals, professional skiers, and national ski teams all over the world.

A partnership with Norwegian Ski Association Alpine is a natural and strategic choice for Helly Hansen. By entering a partnership with one of the world’s leading alpine national teams, Helly Hansen will further strengthen its global presence in the ski category and at the same time demonstrate the company’s long-term commitment to skiing.

“With an extensive history, experience and culture, Helly Hansen’s ambitions align well with those we have in Attacking Vikings, and both parties have a broad, global impact. The agreement secures high-performance clothing of the best quality and at the same time
provides a long-term commitment crucial for developing and consolidating

Norway’s position as one of the world’s leading nations in alpine ski racing,” says sports manager of the Alpine Ski Association, Claus Johan Ryste.

“We are honoured to be partnering with the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team to push their performance boundaries in the future. Skiing is at the core of Helly Hansen’s DNA and this partnership is both a testament to our long-term commitment to skiing and love for ski racing. As the leading apparel brand for ski professionals, we are dedicated to the development of high-performance apparel that gives ski athletes every advantage possible,”
says Tor Jenssen, CMO Helly Hansen.