Below are on video interviews with people in the winter sports market that are as enthusiastic as we are about winter sports.

Get in contact to tell us who you would like us to interview. And if you want to be interviewed yourself drop JC an email [email protected].

Video Interview with Cara Brown, Team GB Ski Racer.

Cara Brown is an ex professional Ski Race for team GB & has been GB Champion many times over her career along with some impressive European Results. I caught up with Cara to see what she’s up to know & also to talk about her other businesses that she founded to support he ski racing career.

Legend of the Brands Podcast

(Interview with founder Phil Gordon)

Phil Gordon is an experienced Ski Hardwear & Equipment buyer amongst other things, but it is his relationship with the Ski Industry that has led to his PodCast creation ‘Legends of the Brand.’

Legends of the Brand is a PodCast that Phil created in 2020 while having a bit more time due to Covid restrictions. It focuses on interview/general chat with interesting people in the Winter Industry from Brands, Athletes, Industry experts & more. I personally loved the idea listening to Phil chatting directly with industry experts & have enjoyed the early Episodes. I caught up with Phil, over Zoom due to restrictions, to discuss Legends of the Brands & what he plans to do going forward.

I have known Phil in a professional capacity for many years, we have enjoyed many Ski Runs & Après beers over the years & he is a very well respected member of the Winter Trade community.

You can download the Legends of the Brands Podcast here …….

CHATTING SHOP – The Ski Exchange

One of our features at Winter Insight is ‘Chatting Shop’ with winter retailers to get a better insight into the business & give you some inside information.